Jatana is a Zendesk App that suggests the best answer to any customer support request while providing you with tools you need to create powerful automated workflows that saves time and money.

What can I do with Jatana?

If your customer support team uses Zendesk Support to manage support cases, you can use Jatana to:

  • Get macro suggestions for each ticket: Jatana displays the 5 most relevant macros right next to the ticket so that agents can reply in just 1-click.
  • Reply automatically to tickets: set rules and Jatana will automatically reply to customers without agent supervision.
  • Categorize tickets automatically: Jatana applies tags to tickets automatically as soon as they are received.
  • Forward tickets to the right agent automatically: tickets are forwarded to the right agent for seamless case triage, automatically.
  • Take control of your data with AI generated insights: the web interface provides extensive analytics on key trends affecting your customer support.

Every company using Zendesk Support can install Jatana directly from the App Marketplace and start a 14-days free trial without the need to involve their IT-team or provide any credit card information.

Who uses Jatana?

Jatana is used by forward thinking customer support teams of any size operating in any industry:

  • E-commerce: Jatana helps teams manage order related tickets faster and more reliably.
  • Tech: Jatana is used to provide fast and outstanding IT support 27/7/365 by enterprise companies and startups alike.
  • Consumer goods: Jatana can understand and handle complex customer requests on product malfunctions and unexpected behaviors.
  • Telcos and utilities: Jatana helps categorize customer inquiries and reply to queries on consumption thresholds, unexpected bills and change in contract terms.
  • Retail: Jatana helps team manage customer enquiries on new product collections and releases.

What sets Jatana apart?

Unlike other solutions that are built on a rigid set of pre-defined rules Jatana powerful AI engine delivers the same results without the need long and cumbersome integrations processes. Jatana is the turn key solution that your support team was waiting for!

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