Jatana enables support teams  to automate any step of the ticket lifecycle, from ticket creation to full case resolution.

What can I do with Jatana?

If your team is managing tickets using Zendesk Support, you can use Jatana to:

  • Define customers's intents: intents represent what your customers are asking in support requests. Jatana creates intents automatically for you and allows you to create an unlimited number of additional intents. Powered by Jatana's Intents.
  • Train AI models that understand natural language: train and use the latest advancements in Machine Learning to create AI models without writing a single line of code or having previous knowledge of data science. Powered by Jatana's AI models.
  • Setup powerful AI automations: process support tickets faster by setting up AI automations that are triggered whenever a specific customer intent is detected. Powered by Jatana's Automations.
  • Automate the entire ticket lifecycle: watch tickets go from open to solved, automatically. Including those tickets that require lookups in 3rd party systems like CRMs, order management or databases. Powered by Jatana's Intelligent Process Automation.
  • Manage your macro and triggers library: create edit and organize your macros and triggers and organize them in libraries using powerful filters and color-coded tags. Powered by Jatana's Macros and Jatana's Triggers.
  • Measure your performance via AI generated insights: understand how your team is doing and identify cases that requires special attention. Powered by Jatana's Analytics.

Who uses Jatana?

Jatana is used by forward thinking customer support teams creating the next generation of AI powered customer experiences in sectors like:

  • E-commerce: Jatana helps teams manage order related tickets faster and more reliably.
  • Tech: Jatana is used to provide fast IT support 27/7/365 by enterprise companies and startups alike.
  • Consumer goods: Jatana can understand and handle complex customer requests on product malfunctions and unexpected behaviors.
  • Telcos and utilities: Jatana helps categorize customer inquiries and reply to queries on consumption thresholds, unexpected bills and change in contract terms.
  • Retail: Jatana helps team manage customer enquiries on new product collections and releases.

What sets Jatana apart?

Unlike other Artificial Intelligence for Customer Support platforms, Jatana brings something very different to the table:

  • You don't need to be a programmer or data scientists: Jatana is built with support teams in mind, integrates directly with Zendesk Support and can be used by experts and newbies alike.
  • You don't need long, complex and tedious implementations: simply create an account on jatana.ai and you are ready to deploy Artificial Intelligence in your contact center.
  • You don't need big budgets or long term commitments: Jatana's actions based pricing makes Artificial Intelligence cost effective, even for the smallest and leanest startups out there.

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