Macro Intents

Macro intents are created by Jatana automatically as soon as you connect your Zendesk Account and are accessible by clicking on the MACRO INTENTS TAB of the Intent section of the platform.

As the name suggests, Macro intents are based on Macros, specifically Macros that have been applied to tickets in the past.

For example, if you have created macro called Opening Hours to reply to all the customers's requests about opening hours in your store, you will see a corresponding Macro Intent called Opening Hours in the intent screen.

The opening hours intent groups together all the messages from your customers that were answered using the Opening Hours macro.

NOTE: You cannot create Macro Intents but you can edit and update the existing ones. Editing Macro Intents.

What are macro intents used for?

Macro intents are used to create Macro Suggestions Models. A Macro Suggestion Model trained on 10 Macro Intents will be able to recognize 10 Macro Intents and thus provide relevant Macro Suggestions to your agents.

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Custom Intents

Custom intents, as the name suggests are intent that you can create from scratch, grouping customers messages the way it makes the more sense for you.

What are Custom Intents used for?

Custom intents are used to create Intent Detection Models.  An Intent Detection Model trained on 10 Custom Intents will be able to recognize 10 Custom Intents and allow you to create Macro Automations.

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