Automations in Jatana

Automations are macros that Jatana applies to ticket automatically. 

As a consequence, all the actions that are performed by that macro are performed automatically without the need for an agent to do it manually.

There are 2 kinds of automations available in Jatana, Macro Automations and Custom Automations.

What are Macro Automations?

Macro automations are created automatically after training a Macro Suggestion Model, they are linked to a specific macro, and cannot be linked to a different macro.

What are Custom Automations?

Custom automations are created automatically after training an Intent Detection model, they are linked to a specific intent, and can be linked to different macros depending on the need.

What actions can Jatana automate?

Any action that can be performed through macros can be automated through Jatana.


  • Applying tags to tickets automatically
  • Reply to customers automatically
  • Forwarding the ticket to the right agent automatically
  • Setting custom fields automatically
  • Etc...

Automations in Zendesk

The automations that you can setup from the Admin panel of your Zendesk account are very different from the automations that you can create from Jatana.

Jatana's automations are triggered by Artificial Intelligence while Zendesk's Automations are triggered by logic and rules.

To learn more about automations in Zendesk, we recommend this article from the Zendesk Support Help Portal:

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