To create a Intent Detection Model, first go to the AI models section of the platform and then click CREATE 👇 

In the model selection window, select INTENT DETECTION MODEL 👇 

Then choose a name for your model 👇 

You will now see all the Custom Intents in your account 👇 

Select all the intents that you would like the model to be able to recognize and click ADD👇 

Go to the ADDED tab, check that all your intents have been correctlya dded to the training cue, and once you are ready click START TRAINING 👇

Confirm one last time to trigger the training process 👇 

You can monitor the status of the training directly from the AI models section of the dashboard. When the training status changes to SUCCEEDED the model is live and ready to use  👇 

At this point, head over to the Automations section of the platform and start customizing your automations the way you like most.

NOTE: Traininig of the AI model can take anything between a few minutes and a few hours depending on the number of intents and the number of messages contained in each intent.

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