Agents are the company' first line of defence when customers encounter problems with their products or services.

As an agent, you need to be equipped with the best tools to keep up with the increasing number of tickets and issues.

This is where Jatana comes in!

How Jatana helps support agents?

Jatana' AI engine complements agents' expertise and works to enhance agents' capability to deliver outstanding customer support:

Suggested Replies - Jatana displays the top 5 most relevant macro next to each ticket so that you don't have to spend time navigating multiple levels of nested menus.

Automatic Replies - Jatana replies to simple & repetitive tickets automatically so that you can focus your efforts on those issues that matter most.

Automatic Tagging - Jatana applies tags automatically so that you don't have to spend time categorizing tickets.

Automatic Forwarding - Jatana assigns the ticket to the right agent automatically so that can stop bouncing messages between team members.

You can learn more about these features and how to use them HERE

Who should use Jatana?

Jatana can be a valuable tool for new, junior and experienced agents alike:

New agents - Suggested Replies helps you get up to speed with the company's process without having to memorize all macros and workflows. Simply scan through the suggestions provided, preview the content and use common sense to chose the most fitting reply

Junior agents - Automatic Tagging and Forwarding takes the confusion of triage and categorization away so that you have more time to spend solving customer issues.

Experienced agents - Automatic Replies allows you to setup powerful automations that reduces your daily workload and free time to focus on the bigger picture

If you have questions while using Jatana you can check our FAQ & Troubleshooting page 

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