Help desk admins are the masterminds of the support strategy and have the great responsibility of having to orchestrate large team with the goal of delivering outstanding customer support.

When Admins have tools that enable them to take the pulse of the support operation at a glance and act upon it, results start rolling in.

That's why we have built Jatana, to give admins more powerful tools to deliver quality customer support!

How Jatana helps admins?

Jatana's AI engine provides admin with actionable insights and powerful  tools to increase the productivity of the team:

AI Analytics - at a glance from the Dashboard, admins are able to measure improvements in Average Reply Time and get a breakdown of the Agents, Macros and Messages that are driving this improvement.

- from the dashboard, admins can set automation rules to tell Jatana what macros should be sent as Automatic Replies.

Settings - from the dashboard, admins can adjust settings to adapt the behaviour of the App to their liking.  

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