Primary access tokens

Access tokens are used to authenticate Jatana into your Zendesk account.

This is very important when it comes to automations.

Every time Jatana to automates an action in your Zendesk Account, it first needs to authenticate itself using an access token.

The first time you connect your Zendesk Support account, an access token is generated automatically using your Zendesk credentials.

This token is called, primary token and you can see it in the Tokens sections 👇 

By default, all automations performed by Jatana in your Zendesk account will be authenticated using your primary access tokens.

Since the primary access token is linked with your Zendesk Support user credentials, all the automations performed by Jatana will show in Zendesk as if they were performed by you.

If you son't want automated actions performed by Jatana to show as if they were performed by you, you will have to set the access token of another Zendesk Support user as the primary token of jatana.

Changing the primary access token

Navigate to the token section and click ADD 👇 

Add all the relevant fields:

  • Token Name: chose a name for your new token
  • Email ID: email address of the Zendesk User connected to this token
  • Token Key: the actual token string

and then click create 👇 

Once your token is created, you will be able to set it as PRIMARY 👇 

From now on, all the automations that Jatana performs in your account will show as if they were performed by the user connected with the new access token.

Creating new access tokens in Zendesk

To create a new access token, you will first have to add a new user your Zendesk Support account.

For instructions on how to add a user to your Zendesk Support account you can read this article:

Once you have created a new user, access his Zendesk Support account and navigate to the API channel section of his Admin panel, then select OAuth Client and click + to create a new access token 👇 

Fill in all the required information and click SAVE 👇 

Zendesk will then generate an access token that you can copy and add to the token section of Jatana 👇 

NOTE: this token will be fully visible in Zendesk only upon creation, make sure to save somewhere safe before adding it into Jatana 😄 

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