Jatana brings Artificial Intelligence at the fingertips of Support Teams of all size.

This integration brings the power of Jatana directly into Slack to help Support Teams deliver outstanding customer experiences.

How to Install

See Installing Jatana for Slack

What can you do with the App

The App will keep you and your team up to speed with the activity of your Jatana account, in particular you will be able to:

  • Get daily stats on macro usage and ticket usage
  • Setup a daily report and customize the time of delivery

How to get the statistics

There are 3 slash commands that you can use to access your Jatana statistics from Slack:

  • /jatanastats - shows all metrics for both Macro Usage and Tickets
  • /jatanastats usage - shows metrics for Macro Usage only
  • /jatanastats tickets - shows metrics for Tickets only
  • /jatanahelp  - access the help guide and our support contacts

How to setup daily reports

Use this slash command to setup your daily Jatana statistics report:

  • /jatanasetreport HH:MM - shows a daily report of macro usage and ticket data on the channel where the command was issued on the specified hour.

NOTE: HH:MM is the time expressed on a 24 hour format, HH been hours and MM been minutes)

If you encounter any issues with during installation or while using the Jatana Slack App, simply contact via Intercom Chat or drop us an email at support@jatana.ai

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