App (Zendesk App)

The App is intended as the Zendesk App that you can install from the Zendesk App Marketplace and that enables the AI engine of Jatana to freely communicate and perform actions within your Zendesk account.


Article is intended as any help article written by you or your team and made available to customers for self-service support via the Zendesk Knowledge Base product.

AI Engine

The Jatana Artificial Intelligence engine is the system based on Deep Learning Algorithms that learns from past tickets and is able to mimic the behavior of your best agents.

Average Reply time

Average reply time (ART) is a KPI that measures how long it takes on average for your agents to send the first reply to new tickets.

Automated replies

Replies to tickets that have been sent by Jatana automatically without agent supervision.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are a Zendesk features that allows team to add custom metadata to tickets for easier reporting and categorization. 


The dashboard is the web version of Jatana where you can access AI analytics, the Automation Workflow tool, the settings screen together with your user profile and billing information.


Integrations allows the Jatana AI engine to perform tasks on third party Customer Support Platforms. As of today we only support the Zendesk Support Integration but more integrations will be available soon.


Macros are a collection of actions that can be implemented on a ticket automatically. These include changing the content of a message, the status, the assignee of a ticket, etc...


Every time a customer support agent send a message in reply to a request sent by a customer we consider it to be a reply.

Suggested replies

Suggestions provided by Jatana to agents on the most suitable macro to use to reply to the tickets they are currently working on.


Tags are a Zendesk feature that is intended to help agents and admins categorize tickets in a more flexible way

Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support is the core Zendesk product for managing customer support request via email.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is the Zendesk product for managing customer support via chat on websites, web and mobile apps.

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