Creating an account

Signup using your Zendesk Support account and you'll be able to create AI models in no time!

Simply add your Zendesk Support subdomain in any of the fields that you see on our website and click get started 👇 

We'll validate that you have inserted a valid Zendesk Support subdomain and will then create an account for you!

👇  If you haven't, go to and create a free-account now 👇  

Creating your first macro suggestions model

Creating your first macro suggestions model takes only a few clicks 😎 

Simply go to AI MODELS, click CREATE, select Macro Suggestions Model and add all the macro intents you need. 

(When you create an account, Jatana creates macro intents for you automatically for you)

Once you are done, click START TRAINING, and that's it! Your model will be live and ready to generate suggestions in no time!

To be able to see suggestions in Zendesk, you will have to install the Jatana for Zendesk Support App. The app is FREE and can be installed directly from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace👇

Creating your first intent detection model

The process of creating a new intent detection model is the same as when you create a macro suggestion model, the only difference is that you will first have to custom intents manually.

To create a new custom intent, go to INTENTS, click CREATE, select START FROM SCRATCH and go on adding all the messages that are relevant to your intent.

Once you have creates a few custom intents you will be able to create an Intent Detection Model. Go to AI MODELS, click CREATE, select INTENT DETECTION, add the custom intent you have just created and click START TRAINING.

Your model will be ready in no time! 😎 

Enabling automations

Every time you create a new model, be it for macro suggestions or intent detection, all the intents you have used to train the model will be available for automation.

To enable automations, simply go to AUTOMATIONS, select the automation you would like to enable, turn on the automation switch and click ACTIVATE AUTOMATIONS, that's it!

Are automations are now active and you will start seeing actions being automated in your Zendesk Support account! 🚀 

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