Login with Zendesk

Jatana integrates natively with Zendesk Support which means that you can use your Zendesk login credentials to sign into Jatana as well.

To sign in with Zendesk first visit our sign-in page 👇 


Then select the option to login with Zendesk 👇 

Insert the subdomain of your Zendesk Account in the Zendesk Identifier field 👇 

If you are already signed into Zendesk you will be redirected directly to your Jatana dashboard 👇 

If you are not signed into your Zendesk account, you will be requested to sign into your Zendesk Account before being accessing Jatana 👇 

Email Login [legacy]

For accounts create using an email address and a password as credentials, simply fill in your details in the SIGN-IN page and click SIGN IN.

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